How to define the columns that should be exhibited in the plans tab?

In the Plans tab you can choose which columns should be exhibited. To do so, click on the context menu   on one of the columns, as the image bellow will show. Then, click on “Columns.” The columns available are: plan, code, title, attachments, responsible, type, status, progress, start date, end date, finished in, evaluator, last […]

How to evaluate the efficacy of a project?

To allow for the evaluation of efficacy of a project, it is necessary to create an evaluation form in Settings. To create this form, you must access “Settings:” Create the evaluation form in the “Forms” tab by clicking ADD. To create a form, fill out: Name (required): name your form. Active: this switch make the […]

How to remove a project?

To remove a project, you must access the list of projects and click the context menu  of the project you’d like to remove. To confirm, click “Remove.”

Where to find the history of a project.

There are two ways to find the history of a project. In the list of projects, click the context menu  of the project and click on “History.” If the project is open, click  and click on “History.” Once you click on history, every record related to this project will appear on your screen.

How to duplicate a Project?

What is the duplicate project feature for? When I already have actions registered in a given project and a new project will be opened that will have the same actions, we can reduce the rework of registering action by action and “duplicate” the project. In the Plans tab, open a project that you want to […]

How to use the Search?

Inside the Plans tab, click on the magnifying glass. After clicking on the magnifying glass, a search field will appear. It is possible to search by: Code Title

How to use the general filter for Programs and Projects?

There’s the option to filter the programs and projects. This way you can see what you are responsible for or involved in. All: You can see all programs and projects, but you must have the permission “edit all” and/or “view all”. I’m involved: In addition to listing all programs and projects you are responsible for […]

How to use the advanced filters?

In the Plans tab, click on the filters icon to access the filter options. Program: select the program.   Status: choose the status you would like to filter. You may select more than one. Waiting for Start: projects that are waiting to be started In Progress: projects that are being executed Paused: projects that have […]

Project Options (Edit, Attachments)

By clicking on the context menu of the already registered project, we can open, edit, access the details, status report, change status, access the attachments. When we click on open, we can start the registration of actions. Or we have access to the actions that are already registered in the project. By opening the project, […]