How to Inactivate a Type?

For a type to be inactive and not available for use, it can be inactivated. In the event the type is needed again, it can be reactivated. Select the type you want to turn inactive. Click Edit Click the on/off switch. After clicking it, hit save and it’ll be marked as inactive. You can see […]

How to edit the types?

In the Plans module, click on the Types tab: To edit an already created Type, click on the context menu of the type you want to edit, and select the Edit option.

How to create Types?

The setting up of the Plans module start with the creation of the Types that will be used to categorize your projects and programs. Types will be used at the moment of the creation of the project/program. Program: the collective of project that share the same goal. Project: temporary effort employed to create a new product, […]