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If you are a lead auditor or a plan auditor, you can execute it.

Before starting an audit, check that the devices’ time zones are correct.
Devices with diverging time zones can cause inconsistency in data synchronization, as information may overlap when synchronizing.

In the Audits application, click on the audit that will be performed.

Click on audit and select the desired schedule to start the execution.

If you have planning that is not your responsibility, you are not allowed to carry it out.

In the item to be evaluated, click Reply to select the answer option.

To add a note, attachment, mark as a strength or weakness, click on the item.

Inserting attachment in the item

To add an attachment to the desired item, click on .
Select an attachment option:

  • Photo gallery: Select a photo that is stored in your photo gallery.
  • Video gallery: Choose from the gallery a video stored on your phone.
  • Camera: Take a photo and add to the item.
  • Video: Record a video and insert it into the item.
  • Audio: Record an audio to add to the item.
  • File: Select a file to link to the item.

When accessing for the first time, it is necessary to allow access to functionality.

To remove an inserted attachment, click .

You can only view attachments on the sending device. Attachments sent by other devices or the web are not possible to view in the application.

Selecting item as strength or weakness

You can select an item as a strength or weakness.
In the item click on the context menu  and select the desired option:

  • Mark as a strength: Click to mark this item as a strength.
  • Mark as weak point: Select to define this item as a weak point.

Click  to return to the items.

Adding an instance

If necessary, link an occurrence to an audit.
On the audit home page, click .

To add an occurrence, click on + ADD.

Fill in the information:

  • Name: Enter the title of the occurrence.
  • Type: Select the type corresponding to the registration to be performed.
    • Non-Compliance: occurrence for an item that does not conform to the standard that was used in the audit.
    • Improvement opportunity: occurrence for an item that is an opportunity or needs improvement.
  • Description: Enter the details of the occurrence.
  • Select: Click to choose the items that will be associated with the occurrence.
    • Click  to find an item.
    • Click on  to save the selection of the items.

Click on  to register the occurrence.

The changes made to the audit are displayed in the Web Audit history.


Completing the audit

After completing the planning, the audit can be completed.
Filling in is not mandatory but if you want to detail the items marked as strength, weakness, recommendations and audit conclusion, click .

  • Strengths: If you have an item marked as strength, click on view strengths to view.
    • See strengths: Displays the list with the items that were selected as the strengths of the audit, click on the item to view the details.
  • Weaknesses: If at least one item was selected as a weak point, click on see weak points to display the list.
    • See weaknesses: The list shows the list of items marked as weak points of the audit, to see more details click on the item.
  • Recommendations: If there is any recommendation or guidance regarding the audit, enter it in this field.
  • Conclusions: Enter the details of the audit conclusion.

To complete the audit, click on to display the home page and click on the context menu .

Click on conclude, necessary to confirm the completion of the audit.