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We can view a general report of an audit that is in the status:

  • Planned
  • Running
  • Completed
  • Canceled


In addition to the general report, we can also view the report for a specific audit plan.
To view the general report, on the Audits tab, in the audit that you want to view the report, click on the context menu . Select the View report option. We have the option of viewing the report when accessing audit also in a context menu .

They are listed for the user according to the access granted and responsibility in the audits.

To view the report of a specific plan, go to an audit within the tab Planning, click the context menu planning you want.

If the selected audit and / or planning has more than one language, we can select in which language the report will be displayed. Select PortugueseEnglish or Spanish and click on view.

The report will be generated in a new browser tab.