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If it is necessary to register a non-compliance or an opportunity for improvement, register an occurrence in an audit.

To register it is necessary to have the permission to Manage plans. The lead auditor and auditor can also register occurrences or opportunities for improvement.

  • In the Audits tab, click on the running audit that you want to register the occurrence.
  • The screen will be displayed with the general data of the audit, click on the Events tab.

To register an occurrence click on + ADD.

The screen to register the occurrence will be displayed.

  • Title: Enter a title for the occurrence that will be recorded, according to the language defined in the audit.
  • Type: Select whether the occurrence is a non-conformity or an opportunity for improvement.
  • Description: If necessary, enter the details of the occurrence.
  • Audit items: Select which item of the audited standard this occurrence is assigned to.

After filling in the information, click to save the case.

After clicking on record the occurrence is registered.