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If you want to associate an item with an occurrence, we can add it.
Access the audit that you want to record the occurrence and click .

To add an occurrence, click on + ADD.

Allowed to add occurrences only in the audits in progress.

Fill in the information:

  • Name: Enter the title of the occurrence.
  • Type: Select the type corresponding to the registration to be performed.
    • Non- conformity: occurrence for the item that does not comply with the standard that was used in the audit.
    • Improvement Opportunity: occurrence for an item that is an opportunity or needs improvement.
  • Description: Enter the details of the occurrence.
  • Select: Click to choose the items that will be associated with the occurrence.
    • Click  to find an item.
    • Click on  to save the selection of the items.

Click on  to register the occurrence.