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After completing the execution of the plans, the audit can be completed.

In the Audits tab, click on the audit that will be completed. We can click on the context menu  and click Open.

To complete an audit, you need to be the lead auditor.

On the audit screen, click the Completion tab.

Fill in the information, according to the languages selected in the audit record:

  • Strengths: Describe your considerations about the strengths of the audit. If you marked an item as a strong point click on VIEW STRONG POINTS to view it.
  • Weaknesses: Insert the observations about the audit weaknesses. If you marked an item as a weak point, click VIEW WEAK POINTS to view it.
  • Recommendations: If there are recommendations for improvement, please inform in this field.
  • Conclusion: Fill in the audit conclusion.

See strengths and weaknesses

To view your strengths and weaknesses, click  or .
A side window will appear with the items that have been checked. To view the item, click on it.

By clicking on the point marked as strong or weak, you will be redirected to the answered item.

Completing the audit

After entering the information, click the context menu  and click Finish.

Click Yes to complete the audit.

After confirming the audit, the status is Completed, and it is no longer possible to change the data. The audit is only available for viewing.

With the audit completed, it is possible to view the calculations, as selected in the registration of the standard:

  1. Percentage of responses: Displays the percentage of the total audit value compared to the maximum possible value.
  2. Adherence based on weights: A value will be calculated based on the weight ratio between the standard item and the weight of the selected answer.