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After completing the planning, the audit can be completed.

Access the audit that will be completed and click on the context menu .

  1. In the initial listing.
  2. Accessing the audit.

Filling in is not mandatory but if you want to detail the items marked as strength, weakness, recommendations and audit conclusion, click .

  • Strengths: If you have an item marked as strength, click on view strengths to view.
    • See strengths: Displays the list with the items that were selected as the strengths of the audit, click on the item to view the details.
  • Weaknesses: If at least one item was selected as a weak point, click on see weak points to display the list.
    • See weaknesses: The list shows the list of items marked as weak points of the audit, to see more details click on the item.
  • Recommendations: If there is any recommendation or guidance regarding the audit, enter it in this field.
  • Conclusions: Enter the details of the audit conclusion.

To complete the audit, click on  to display the home page and click on the context menu .

Click on Finish, you need to confirm the completion of the audit.

The changes made to the audit are displayed in the Web Audit histor.