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With the audit in “planned” status with the completed plans, we can execute it.

To perform the audit, you must have permission to manage audits , be a lead auditor or an auditor.

In the Audits tab, in the audit that will be performed click on the context menu  and select the Open option . Clicking on the audit also opens for execution.

In the execution screen we have the tabs for navigation between the functionalities to perform the audit.

General data

Displays audit progress and other information.

  1. Audit progress: Displays the audit progress as the items audited are answered.
  2. Occurrences: If there is any occurrence of non-compliance or improvement opportunity linked to the audit, it will be displayed in this counter.
  3. Unaudited items: Displays the number of items that have not yet been answered.
  4. Auditors: Shows how many auditors were informed in the audit record. Pausing the mouse over this item displays the name of the lead auditor and other added auditors.
  5. Remaining schedules: Counts how many schedules have not yet responded to all standard items.
  6. Standards: Indicates which standards will be used in the audit.
  7. Period: Shows the execution period that was defined in the audit.
  8. Description: According to the description inserted in the audit record, it is displayed in this field.

Fields with * are mandatory.


Displays the list with the registered plans. Click to start the planning run.

The screen for assigning the response to the audited item will be displayed.
Click on the corresponding answer option according to the note. We can have three types of fields:

  • Question: Item that needs to select an answer option.
  • Guidance text: Guidance text we do not have to answer but it is possible to register an observation.
  • Text field: Item to answer, we can insert a written answer and an observation.

Access to a standard item

To access a specific requirement to insert an attachment, define as a strength, weakness or add a note, click on the item.

  1. Menu : Click to set an item as  or . To deselect, access the menu again.
  2. Navigation button: Click on  to navigate between the requirements of the standard.
  3. Attach files: To add an attachment to the item, drag the file or select on your computer.
  4. Attachments Management tab: In this tab, we can add an attachment to the item.
    The changes are automatically saved.

The changes are automatically saved.


If an item is a non-conformity or improvement opportunity, record an occurrence. To register a case, see more in How to add a case to audit?


After its execution we can complete an audit, see more in the article How to complete an audit?


To see the history of an audit, see the article How to view the history of an audit?


If you need to add attachments in the audit or in a specific item see the step by step in the article How to add attachments in the audit?