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Select the Standards tab and click .

In the STANDARDS tab, inform the following data:

  • Name: name of the standard or check list (can be registered in up to 3 languages)
  • Description: any information that is relevant
  • Automatic numbering (button): for you to define the order at the time of registration. If the option is enabled, the numbering will be done according to the standard standard.

Adherence Calculation

  • Weight-based grip: the calculation is based on the weighted average weighted ratio.
  • Percentage of responses: based on the number of responses (eg, number of items compliant / total items audited) * 100.

After filling in the information regarding the standard, the next step is to register the Standard Items.

To register the Standard Items, click on 

In the Standard Items tab, enter the following information:

  • Title: name of the item that is registered (eg: 1. SCOPE)
  • Description: if it is necessary to enter specific and additional information
  • Belongs to: when it is a sub-item, the item belongs to a main item
  • Type: can be – question, guidance text or text field
    • question: you will have the possibility to choose the type of answer that has already been registered, previously and the weight.
    • guidance text: information needed for guidance or additional information.
    • text field: possibility of being mandatory or not, open field to insert observations.


After filling in the fields, click on save  in the upper right corner to save the item. And again, to record the standard.

The item and the standard have been successfully registered.

To edit the standard, select and click to edit, after clicking on the selected item, a window will open for editing.