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To review changes made to an audit, review the history.

It is possible to consult the history of the audits that the user has access to, to view all the audits necessary to have other permissions.

Arecord of the date, time and which user performed the following operations is kept:

  • When a new audit was created.
  • When a plan has been finalized.
  • When an audit was performed.
  • When a new item has been answered.
  • When the audit was completed.
  • When an audit was canceled.
  • When an item has been marked as a strength or weakness.
  • When an issue has been created, edited or removed.

In the Audits tab, click on the record you want to view the history.

  • In the History tab, changes made to the audit are displayed.
  • To display the filter options click on  and check what you want to view. To remove a filter click on the  displayed filter .