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With the DOCS module you have the electronic management of the documents, so the documents are centralized in Qualiex, you may configure what type of access the users should have in a document, automated approval or review flows and many other features.

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Access Qualiex through the link:, enter the email and click Next , enter the password and click Enter.

1 – Access DashBoard

2 – Click on Docs – Documents

3 – Click on the “Documents” tab . The main screen of the Docs module will be displayed

  1. Menu for parameterizing the folder: Create, edit and configure the permissions of the folders.
  2. Folder Structure: Shows the created folders and subfolders.
  3. Menu for using the documents: Send, download, configure the permissions of the documents.
  4. Document search: Locate the documents.
  5. List of documents stored in the folder: See the documents that are in the selected folder.


See the details of the functionalities of this window.


1 – : Create a new folder or subfolder.

2 – Options:

  • Edit / Rename: Edit the folder information.
  • Folder Permissions: Enable folder access permissions.
  • Print permissions: Grant printing access to documents that are in the folder.
  • Access Link: Access the folder directly, without having to browse.
  • Remove: Delete a folder or subfolder.

3 – Folder structure: Shortcuts, folders and subfolders created.

  • Favorites: Group the frequently used documents for easy access.
  • Trash: Removed documents are sent to the trash.
  • Flow in Progress: Documents that are in flow are grouped in this folder.
  • To-dos: Tasks awaiting user action.
    • Associated Documents: Documents that have been linked and are pending review are listed in this folder.
    • Reading: Documents waiting for the confirmation of the user’s reading confirmation, are grouped in this folder.
    • Review Requests: For users who are allowed to review, documents with a review request are located in this folder.

4 – Information about the search: Guidelines that assist the search / filter to locate a document.

5 – Search for a document: Use this button to facilitate the search for a document, select options and click on .

  • Search: Find by searching in All Documents, Documents in the Folder or Last Accessed.

While using the search for All Documents the folders will be disabled.

  • All Documents: Search All Documents, Except Obsolete or Only Obsolete.


6 – Document management tools: Send a document, see the PDF version online, document details, Check Out to review, Check In to update the document , send notifications, parameterization options and your notifications.
: Adds a new document or physical copy record.
: Opens the document’s online visualization.
: Download the latest approved revision on the computer.
: Displays the details of the document.
 : Download the document to your computer to review or change it. During Check Out the document is blocked to prevent simultaneous access.
: Send the version downloaded and changed at Check Out to Docs for update.
: If it is necessary to notify / inform / request those responsible for the document. According to notifications configured in Qualiex and Docs.

  • Physical Copies: Registration of printed copies distributed in the company.
  • Request New Review: Allows you to request a review of the document.
  • Print: Allows you to print the document.
  • Add to Favorites: Set the document as a favorite.
  • Access Link: Access a folder through a link.
  • Associate Documents: To link/associate documents.
  • Make Obsolete: Turn a document obsolete.
  • Permission: Document permissions.
  • Revision Requests: Displays the pending revisions of the document.
  • Remove: Remove the document.
  • Remove last revision: Remove the last published revision.
  • Properties: Displays document data.

: Displays notifications according to the documents that the user is involved with.

Alert icons

7 – Indication icons: Quickly indicate some information about the document.

  • Flow: Indicates that the document is going through the approval flow.
  • Favorite: Indicates that the document is a favorite.
  • Pending Review: Displayed when there is a pending review of the document.
  • Read confirmation: Shows that the document has a pending read confirmation.
  • Physical copies: Indicates that it is necessary to update the physical copies.
  • Locked: Indicates that the document was checked out by another user.
  • Format: Displays the document type (word, excel, image, video …)

Listing view

Change the view of the list by clicking on the arrow icon in any column.

  • Sort in ascending or descending order .
  • Add or remove the visualization of the columns: Code, Name, Extension, Revision, Revision Date, Approval date, Next revision, Valid until, Size, Classification and Elaborator.
  • Group by the field once selected and the list will be displayed in groups.

Example of grouping by the column Elaborator.