How do I cancel a revision flow?

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When a flow is started by mistake, we can cancel it without the document undergoing any revision/modification.

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Docs – Documents.

Access Flows in Progress through the shortcut on the left side of the screen .
Documents with the flow in progress are highlighted with the icon .
Click on  to start the flow.

The window with the options to proceed with the flow will appear.
Check the Done option and click OK.

It is only possible to cancel the flow if the user is responsible for the step.

Select the Cancel Flow option, the justification is mandatory. Click ” Ok” to finish.
When you cancel a flow for a document that already has a revision, it gets available for viewing to people who are only allowed to view the last active revision.
Upon canceling the flow, the document is automatically classified by the system as “In preparation”. Only people with the permission to Revise in the folder, in the document or who can View all documents enabled in the Qualiex settings can consult this version.


See in the history the justification for canceling the flow.