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The documents in Docs can be printed online, without the need to download on your computer.
We can print with the watermark Controlled, Uncontrolled or unidentified copy.

Printing permission required. Set this up in the folder options and in the document .

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Docs – Documents.

3. Click on the “Documents” tab.

4. Select the document to be printed. Click the Options icon > ” Print”.

The screen for selecting the desired printing option will appear.

Justifying the impression

If the document is of a classification that has the justification for printing option enabled , the field to fill the reason for printing will be displayed when printing a document.

For units that have the option Password confirmation for critical operations enabled in Qualiex security options, it will be necessary to inform the password to print a document.

ID controlled copy printing

For units that have the item Password confirmation in critical operations enabled in the Qualiex security options when printing a controlled copy, the document identification ID is displayed for consultation of the data in the Qualiex Consulta portal.

To display the ID the document must have a PDF version, see in the articles below how to insert the PDF in the document.