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To check a document that is in a folder that has a parameterized flow, the user must be involved in the flow that was defined in Docs .

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Docs – Documents.

Documents with the flow in progress are highlighted with the  icon.
Click on  to start the flow.

In the verification step, it is not allowed to change the document, only to view it, so only the PDF option will be enabled.

In the History tab, the Date in which the change was made is listed, in which step of the flow, the User who made the change, the type of action performed and the observations provided.

The window will appear with the options to proceed with the flow.

  • Finish task: When the document is revised and the flow will proceed to the next step.
  • Cancel Flow: If the verifier wants to cancel the flow.
  • Return to Step: Returns to the previous step in the flow. It is necessary to insert a justification.
    • 0. Elaboration: Returns to the elaboration/preparation step of the document.
    • 1. Review: Returns the document for review.
  • Notes: If necessary, insert a note.

Click “Ok” to finish.

It will not be possible to return to the preparation step if the responsible person is inactive / disconnected . It is suggested to cancel the flow, and start it again.

Completed steps are marked with a  date and time of completion.

Documents in preparation or in progress are only available for viewing to users with the Revise permission in the folder or document or who can View all documents enabled in the Qualiex settings .