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When a document is outdated, out of date or no longer used, we can define that it is obsolete.
Documents with an assigned expiration date are automatically defined as obsolete after the expiration date. For documents without an expiration date, you can manually define that the document is obsolete.

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The Docs does not generate or pending notification for obsolete documents.

You must have permission to change the document’s expiration date.

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click Docs – Documents.
  1. Click on the “Documents” tab and select the desired document.
  2. Click Options> “Make Obsolete”.

Justify why the document will be defined as obsolete. Click “Ok” to finish.

For units that have the item Password confirmation for critical operations enabled in the Qualiex security options, it will be necessary to enter the password to make the document obsolete.
Documents defined as obsolete are marked in gray.

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