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We can remove a document from Docs, to delete a document it is necessary to have permission on the folder or the document.

See how to grant permission to remove the folder or a specific document.

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Docs – Documents.
  1. Click on the “Documents” tab and select the document you want to delete.
  2. Click “Options”> “Remove”.

Confirm by clicking “B” and the documents are sent to the trash.

Remove more than one file holding the CTRL pressed while selecting the documents.

For units that have the item Password confirmation for critical operations enabled in the Qualiex security options, it will be necessary to enter the password to delete the document.
To permanently remove a document, access to , select the file and click on “Remove”.
Confirm the permanent removal and the document is deleted. If after removing the file from the recycle bin it is necessary to reuse the code, change in the document properties , to update the new code in the header and footer, change the file.

It is not possible to use the same code if in the Qualiex security options the option Block code reuse of removed documents is enabled.

Files removed from the recycle bin cannot be recovered.

Restore from trash

To recover a document that has been removed and is still in the trash, select the document and click “Restore”.

To restore a document, you must have the Edit all records permission that overrides other permissions.

Confirm the recovery of the document and it will be restored.

For units that have the item Password confirmation for critical operations enabled in the Qualiex security options, it will be necessary to inform the password to restore the document.