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It is possible to insert a PDF for viewing, if the document has features that are not supported to use the word / excel online viewer in Docs.

The online viewer for Word and Excel has limitations for displaying some features such as: Macros, Frozen Panels, Password Protection, Flowcharts and many images.

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Docs – Documents.

3. Click on the “Documents” tab and select the desired document .

4. Click on “Details”.

The screen with detailed document information will be displayed.
Click the Reviews tab (right side) and click the Send PDF icon .

To add a new PDF version, the user must be the one who’s sent the document into Docs or be allowed to edit all records in the Qualiex settings .

The screen for selecting the PDF will be displayed.

Save a PDF version of the revised file.

Select the PDF file to be sent and click “Save”.
The check out for review is done in word / excel formats and the file to be displayed online will be the PDF which was added.