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Within Docs Web, when we select a new document as a favorite, we can synchronize them in the application. But first, understand how this synchronization is carried out:

  • For a document to be synchronized in the application, it is necessary that:
    • The document is marked as a favorite in Docs Web;
    • To download the document on your device, it is necessary that you have the Get copy permission in the specific folder or document;
    • To view the document, you must have the View permission on the specific folder or document;
    • If you have the Full Access setting on this unit marked YES, you will be able to view and obtain a copy of your favorite documents, even if you do not have the Get copy and / or View permission (just as it is on Docs Web);
    • In case the document is in flow or in checkout, the last approved revision will be synchronized;
    • If a document has already been synchronized and a new revision is generated, that new revision will be synchronized in your application as well.
    • If a copy of a document has been obtained and a new revision is generated, it will be necessary to obtain a new copy.
  • Documents that will NOT be synced to your device:
    • Obsolete documents are not displayed.

And how to synchronize these documents in the application?

  • Pull from top to bottom to synchronize;
  • The documents will be updated in the application;
  • The date and time of the new synchronization will be updated.