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With the Docs app installed, you can view your favorite documents when connected to the internet.

With internet connection

  1. Access the Application on your device and wait for the documents to synchronize.

After synchronization, documents will be displayed according to the user’s units.

You must have permission to view or have full access to the unit to view the document.

Click on the desired document and select the view option.

After selecting the option to view the document is displayed.

Document history in Docs Web

When viewing a document in the application, this operation is recorded in the document details in the Docs Web, as shown in the image below.

We can also consult this history in the RTU0125 Document History Report.
This view is performed by the application and requires an internet connection, if you need to consult an offline document see how to, in the next topic.

No internet connection

When we do not have any internet connection, we can only view documents that we have already downloaded to the device.

To obtain a copy it is necessary to have permission in the folder or in the document specifically.

Documents that have already been downloaded are identified with the icon .
When selecting a document that has a stored copy, the file preview is displayed.

It is necessary to have an application to view the documents that have been downloaded, if not, download it from the app store on your mobile phone.

Remember that when exiting the application, the stored copies are removed. At the next access, it is necessary to obtain new copies.