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Metadata is additional information related to the classification; an additional field that does not exist in Qualiex that must be informed when we send / revise a document.
When we send / revise a document, a Metadata tab will appear with the registered fields.
After creating the classification, we can register the metadata.

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Docs – Documents.

3. Click on “Classifications”.

4. Then click on “New”.

On the Metadata tab , click add.

The field to fill in the data will be displayed:

  • Name: Enter the name of the field to be filled.

Use a dash to separate words, not spaces.

  • Type: Define the type of the field.
    • Text: Allows you to enter a short text.
    • Long Text: Allows you to insert a longer text.
    • Date: Displays a calendar for selecting a date.
    • Numeric: Allows you to enter numbers.
    • Single Selection (List): Displays a list, allowing you to select only one option.
    • Multiple Selection: Displays a listing, allowing you to select more than one option.
  • List: Enter the list that will be displayed when the field type is Single Selection (List) or Multiple Selection.
  • Default Value: Information entered in this field is automatically filled in documents that use header and footer templates in Word or Excel.
  • Mandatory: Define whether filling in the field will be mandatory or not.