How does the dashboard work?

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In the Flows module we have information on a dashboard that helps you to follow the progress of the registered flows.
Access the module and click on Dashboard.

We have the panels:

Clicking on the panels displays the list with the related flows, when clicking directs to the corresponding flow.

  1. Expired: Count of flows that are past the revision date.
  2. Expires in 7 days: Displays the number of flows that the revision date expires in up to 7 days.
  3. Expires in 15 days: Number of flows with the revision date expiring in up to 15 days.
  4. Expires in 30 days: Counter with the flows that the revision date expires in 30 days.
  5. Flows by person in charge: Graph with the number of flows according to the person in charge.
  6. Waiting for evaluation: Displays the number of flows that are in the status of waiting for evaluation.
  7. In process: Shows how many flows are in the status in process.
  8. Approved: Score with the number of flows that were approved.
  9. Failed: Number of streams that failed.
  10. Approval of flows: List with flows that are awaiting evaluation, approved, or disapproved. By clicking on the flow, you will be redirected to the flow details screen.
  11. Flows by location: Displays the number of overdue and overdue flows per location. The flows that do not have the location defined in the register are displayed as Not Informed.