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We can create categories to differentiate the types of flows.
To register the categories, access the Flows module:

Register a flow category

In the Flows module click on the Categories tab.

To add a new category click .

A new window will appear to register the desired category. Fill in the following data:

  • Title: Enter a name for the type to be registered.

Fields with * are mandatory.

  • Icon: Click to expand the selection box and define a symbol for that flow category.
  • Color: Click  to expand the selection box. Select a color to represent this type of flow.


It is still possible to select the hexadecimal color system. Click on  and in the new window, select the desired color.

  • Active: We can create a category and leave it active to be used or inactive to be used later.

When inactivating the category, it is not listed in the registration of a flow.

After filling in the data click on  to finish the registration.