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To register a flow, access the Flows module:

In the Flows module, click on the Flows tab.

Click  to create a flow.


A screen will appear to register a new flow, fill in the fields.

Fields with * are mandatory.

  • Title: Enter the title of the stream.
  • Responsible: Who will be responsible for this flow.

To be selected as responsible, the user must have access to the module.

  • Category: Select the category of the stream. It is not mandatory to inform the category when registering the flow.
  • Location: Select according to the location / sector that will be represented in the flow.
  • Active: We can create a flow as active  or  inactive
  • Description: In this field you can enter information of the flow that is being created.

Use the bar to format the text.

After filling in the data, click on Save to complete the registration of the new flow.