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In the Occurrences module application , we can register occurrences quickly and conveniently, without having to be near a computer.
If you don’t already have the Occurrences application see this article how to install.

  1. Open the Occurrences module application  on your mobile phone.
  2. After accessing the application, click Sign in with Qualiex.

Don’t remember your username and password? Check with your company’s Qualiex administrator or on the Qualiex website click on Forgot your password?

Enter your email, click Next, enter your password and click Sign In.

After accessing, we have the home screen of the Occurrences application:

  1. Search: Locate the occurrences already registered that are awaiting approval;
  2. User profile: See the data of the account that is accessing the application;
    • Select the color theme of the application:
    • Dark: Enable to make the preview with the background of the application dark.
    • Log out of account: Select to log out of the application.
  3. Registered occurrence: Displays the data of the occurrence that are awaiting approval, occurrences that have already been approved can only be consulted on the Occurrences Web;
  4. Register new occurrence:
    •  Photo: Take a photo and record the occurrence;
    •  Register: Register an occurrence;
    • Video: Record a video and record the occurrence.