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With the action plan and its registered activities, we can change the statuses as the actions are carried out.
To change the status of the action, we will access the occurrence that with the registered action plan.

After accessing the case, click on the 3. Action Plans tab.

In the desired action click with the right button of the mouse or click in the context menu  and select the option Change Status.

To change the status, it is mandatory to have a responsible person.

We have the statuses:

  • Waiting for start (P): Initial status, when we create an action, it is defined as waiting for start.
  • Running (D): When the action is being performed, set the status to running.
  • Checking effectiveness (C): With the execution completed we can check if the action was effective, set the status to checking effectiveness to indicate that the action is under verification.
  • Done: Use when the action is complete.
  • Suspended: If the action is paused due to an impediment, set the status to suspended.
  • Canceled: If the action is no longer needed and does not need to be performed, we can cancel the action.

After selecting the corresponding status, the action is updated.

See how to check the effectiveness of the action plan.