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To classify an occurrence, either in its registration or in approval, we have typifications that are divided into type and category of occurrence.

See how to register a type of occurrence.

The type is the comprehensive classification of the occurrence and the category aims at a more specific typification corresponding to the selected type.

Exemplification of the type and category of the occurrence

Register an occurrence category

In the event module click on the Categories tab.

“ Manage types, categories and cause classifications ” permission required .

To add a new category click .

The window to register the new category will be displayed, fill in the data:

  • Title: Insert the name of the category that will be registered, remembering that it is specifically considering the types already registered.
  • Description: If you need a description about the category, enter it in this field.
  • Icon: Select an icon to represent that category. When registering an occurrence, this icon is displayed in the listing with the color of the related type.
  • Deadlines for dealing: Define the deadlines that will be used when an occurrence is registered with this category. These fields are mandatory.
    • Deadline for Cause Analysis step (days)
    • Deadline for action plan elaboration stage (days)
    • Deadline for the execution stage of the action plan (days)

Fields with * are mandatory.

After filling in the data click on  to complete the registration.