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An approved occurrence needs an action plan to carry out the deal and be completed effectively.
We can create immediate actions without the need to carry out a cause analysis or after discovering the root cause, we register the actions to resolve it.
To register actions access the occurrence.

Click on the 3. Action Plan tab.

Users on the team cannot create action plans.

To register the actions click on .

To register actions before performing the cause analysis, the option Allow action plans before the cause analysis must be enabled in the event settings.

The window for registering the action will be displayed, we use the 5W2H:

  • Name (What?): Enter a title for the action.
  • Responsible (Who?): Indicate the user who will be responsible for executing the action.
  • Verifier (Who?): Select the user who will check if the action was effective.

Remembering that if the option Allow the responsible and the action checker to be the same user is disabled in the module settings, it is not allowed to select the same employee.

  • Location (Where?) : Select the location already registered in Qualiex related to the action.
  • Deadline (When?): Set the deadline for executing the action plan.
    • Start date: Enter the date when the execution will start.
    • Duration in days: Enter the duration of the execution.
    • End date: Type or the field is calculated as entered in duration in days.
  • Estimated cost (How much?): If necessary, inform the cost of the action.
  • Description (How?): Inform how the action should be performed.
  • Justification (Why?): Insert the justification of why the action was registered.

To record click on .

Fields with * are mandatory.

After creating the first action we can create the actions that will be dependent, creating a new action the field Belongs to is enabled.
Select the action that will be the root / parent of the other actions.

After registering the action, it is displayed hierarchically.

See How do I change the status of an action plan?