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When it is necessary to register a deviation in the process, you can register an occurrence. After registration it will go for approval to be evaluated by those responsible.
This registration can be done anonymously, and it is not possible to identify the user.
In the occurrences module click  on to add an occurrence


The screen to register the occurrence will be displayed, fill in the fields.

Fields with * are mandatory.

  • Register anonymously: Enable to register the occurrence without identifying the issuer.

After registering the occurrence anonymously, the occurrence is only displayed in the approval list, the user who registered does not see the registered occurrence.

  • Title: Insert the title of the occurrence, to facilitate inform a short text that is easy to identify the occurrence in the list.
  • Category: Select the category of the occurrence, it is not mandatory to inform when registering the occurrence in the approval, the responsible approver can define the ideal category.
  • Type: Inform the type of the occurrence, it is not mandatory to inform the type when registering the occurrence in the approval, the responsible approver can define the appropriate type.

For users who have permission to manage types, categories, and cause classifications, it is possible to register a new category and a new type using  the first option in the list.

  • Customer: Select the customer related to the recorded occurrence.
  • Location: Inform the place where the occurrence that will be registered occurred.
  • Description: Describe in detail how the event happened.
    • Use the bar to format the text.


If it is necessary to send an attachment when registering the occurrence, click on the Attachments tab.

Drag the file from your computer or click  to choose the file, it is allowed to send several files at once.
We have some features for managing attachments.

  1. Appendix Functions: Click  to select all files. Select the file and click  to remove. To download the selected files, click .
  2. Search: Locate a file by name by clicking  sort from A to Z or by the files with the oldest upload. To update the listing, click .
  3. Pagination: Select how many items to display on the page and browse using the options .
  4. Attachment options: By clicking on the context menu in  the attachment, we can rename the file, view, download or remove it.

To register the occurrence, click on Save and we have two options:

  • Save: After saving the case, it is forwarded for approval. Registration is complete.
  • Save draft: Stores the occurrence and can be edited until it is ready to be sent for approval by clicking on Save.