A Program may be a strategic goal defined by your company.

There will be projects created to support this goal.

On the Plans tab, click register.

To create a Program, you must fill in the following fields:

First, select “Program

Title (required): name of the program to be created

Responsible (required): person that will be responsible for the program

Evaluation: person who will evaluate after the end of the program

Start date: date in which the program begins

End date: date on which the program ends

Location: This location has been registered in the settings.

Type: category to which the program belongs. If at the time of registering the Type, something is filled in the text field, after selecting the type, the pre-registered information will appear in the text field for the program.

Text field: field to enter general information

After filling all the required fields out and the others pertinent to your needs, click Save.

The program has been created and will be available on your list of Programs and Projects.