By clicking on the context menu of the already registered project, we can open, edit, access the details, status report, change status, access the attachments.

When we click on open, we can start the registration of actions. Or we have access to the actions that are already registered in the project.

By opening the project, you can see the actions related to it.

By clicking on edit, you may change the details of a project, such as: the title, responsible, evaluator, date, location and type. After making the changes necessary, click save.

By clicking on details, you can access general information about the project, such as: code, responsible, status, progress, IDP (deadline performance index), situation, period, end forecast, and program.

By clicking Status Report, you may access information such as: progress, IDP and end forecast. It’s possible to add general information about the situation of the project. After doing so in the text field, you must click the plus sign to save.

To remove a status report, click the trash can icon and then Remove.

To add an attachment, click on the context menu, attachments, then select a file.