The ideas are shown to everyone so all employees may interact with them. One of the ways available to interact with the ideas is to leave a comment.

To comment on an idea, click .


A window will open on your screen where you’ll be able to see all the existing comments and add your own. You may also like the other comments.

After typing your comment, click “Comment.”

You may also edit or remove your comment by accessing the context menu of the comment and clicking “edit” or “remove” respectively.

If you edit the comment, it’ll appear as “edited.”

If you choose to remove a comment, a message will appear on your screen, click “remove.”

The comment will be removed.

Liking/Disliking an idea

Another way to interact with an idea is by liking or disliking it.

There will be a counter above the like/dislike icons as well as the comments icon that will show how many likes/dislikes/comments the idea has.