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In the role of the user we define the permissions that are granted to the employee.

To create a role, it is necessary to have permission enabled in the Qualiex module.

To create a role on the Roles and Permissions tab, click .

The paper registration screen will be displayed. Report:

  • Name: Enter the name of the paper.
  • Description of the role: If necessary, describe the roles and responsibilities of that role.

Fields with * are mandatory.

After entering the name and description of the role, we can select the users to be linked.
Click Select to load the list of collaborators.

  • Select by a group of users.
  • Locate a collaborator by searching.

After selecting users, click Finish.

To remove a collaborator from the role, deselect the check.

To complete the paper registration, click  to save.

Granting permissions

With the role created, we have to grant the accesses that will be allowed.
Locate the created paper and click on it to open the edition.

Click the Audits tab to enable permissions for the module.

  • Select all permissions: Check to grant all permissions for this role.
  • Audits
    • Cancel: Permission to cancel audits.
    • Edit all: With this permission, the employee can edit response types, rules, plans and audits.
    • Manage: Permission to manage and perform audits
    • Remove: Permission to remove audits.
    • View all: Enables the visualization of all audits.
  • Standards and Response Types
    • Manage: Create and edit standards, types and response options.
  • Planning
    • Manage: Create and edit schedules.

After selecting the options, click  to save the paper.